Knights News · AACPS Fall Semester Out-of-Season Plan


“AACPS Athletics – 2020 plans 

AACPS Athletics looks forward to offering participation opportunities, a sense of school-community engagement, and social-emotional support to student-athletes across the county this semester.  After more than six months since spring season practices and scrimmages abruptly ended last March, we are honored to safely re-engage with staff and students, both on our campuses and virtually.  We are transitioning to a return to high school athletics in a way that may not feel “normal,” but that excites us to move forward.  We will be following MPSSAA approved “out-of-season” procedures and protocols that have been vetted by the Anne Arundel County Department of Health.  We want to be clear that there is no pressure for anyone to participate in these sessions.  Participation in our fall semester plans is voluntary and independent of the MPSSAA-sponsored, competitive seasons.  We look forward to safely welcoming students back to AACPS Athletics!”

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