Booster President: Dennis Young

Vice President: Ramona Riordan

Treasurer: Thomas Geckle

Concessions Director: Vicki Hood

Secretary: Melissa Pitt

Public Relations Officer: Stacy Young



How To Get Involved:

Facebook page screen name is @ncknightsathleticboosters

Twitter page is @ncknightsab


General Information:

The NC Knights Athletic Booster Club contributes in various ways to the athletic program at North County High School.  Our mission is to produce an environment that inspires student athletes, coaches, parents and the community to collectively create a positive and spirited atmosphere for all athletic programs.   We are a VOLUNTEER group interested in assisting athletes in their achievement of goals, as well as assisting the school in maintaining a quality athletic program.  Through the Booster Club, we have  accomplished the following for North County Athletics:

  • Raised $50,000+ for facilities improvements, equipment, and other defined athletic needs
  • Distributed $15,000+ scholarship rewards to help senior student athletes pursue a college degree
  • Lend volunteer support to North County’s Athletic Department